webOS Simple Presenter

Follow these steps to get the app working:

1. Download Server from here to your presentation computer

2. You need Java to run this.

3. Connect your mobile phone and your computer to the same wifi network. You may use the Palm HotSpot for this.

4. Start the JAR file by double-clicking or with this commandline: "java -jar PresenterServer.jar". It takes some seconds then a small window will pop up.

5. Start the app on your mobile. It will scan for the server and if found connect to it.

6. On your computer there will be a popup asking for permission to connect to your phone. Check the ID displayed on the computer against the one in red on the device.

7. Allow the connection.

8. Start your presentation on your computer. I tested it with my PDF reader and OpenOffice.

9. Click the right side of the black screen to go forward, the left to go back. Note that the left half is smaller than the right.

10. Have Fun!

Notes: The Firewall has to be turned off to get this working.